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Top 10 Wastewater Treatment Companies in Bangladesh in 2024

The heart of a nation beats with the rhythm of its industries, but its true pulse lies in the health of its water. In Bangladesh, a country experiencing rapid industrial growth, the demand for effective wastewater treatment solutions has become paramount. Every industry, from textiles and garments to tanneries and manufacturing, generates wastewater that needs proper treatment before it can be safely released back into the environment. This is where Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) come in, acting as silent guardians of water quality

An infographic showcasing various companies in Bangladesh that supply and install Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs).
This infographic highlights several prominent companies in Bangladesh offering Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) solutions.

Wastewater Solutions for Diverse Needs

Industrial wastewater in Bangladesh comes in various forms, each requiring specialized treatment approaches. Here’s a glimpse into the specific needs of key sectors:

  • Textile: This sector generates significant volumes of colored wastewater containing dyes, chemicals, and organic matter. Membrane bioreactors (MBRs) are often preferred due to their efficient removal of pollutants and ability to produce high-quality treated water.
  • Tannery: This industry discharges highly complex wastewater laden with chromium, sulfides, and salts. Combined treatment processes, often involving chemical precipitation, biological treatment, and advanced oxidation techniques like ozonation, are necessary to meet stringent environmental regulations.
  • Municipal: With increasing urbanization, managing municipal wastewater effectively is crucial. Activated sludge process is a widely used biological treatment method that employs microorganisms to break down organic matter in wastewater.

Waste water treatment plant design and engineering play a vital role in ensuring optimal treatment efficiency and compliance with environmental regulations. From selecting the right technology to customizing the plant layout for specific industrial needs, a reliable ETP plant supplier offers comprehensive solutions.

Top 10 Champions of Clean Water

  1. ETP Plant Bangladesh: Known for their expertise in MBR technology, ETP Plant Bangladesh offers a range of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment solutions. They also specialize in water reuse systems and package sewage treatment plants.
  2. Cleantech Engineering: This prominent player caters to various industries, including textiles, tanneries, and manufacturing, with customized water plant solutions. Their portfolio includes advanced technologies like ozonation and constructed wetlands for ensuring environmental sustainability.
  3. Trust Water Company: Recognizing the financial constraints faced by small businesses, Trust Water Company focuses on providing affordable water treatment solutions. They offer innovative financing options and comprehensive operation and maintenance services to guarantee optimal plant performance.
  4. GreenEnviro Technologies: Renowned for their expertise in handling government wastewater treatment projects, GreenEnviro Technologies leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions.
  5. Power Ark Engineering: Committed to providing high-quality effluent water plants at reasonable prices, Power Ark Engineering caters to diverse industrial needs. They offer a complete range of services, from design and installation to operation and maintenance.
  6. ABM Water Company Ltd.: With a proven track record in water treatment plant design and manufacturing, ABM Water Company offers reliable water treatment solutions for various industries. They also specialize in providing spare parts and after-sales services.
  7. Acuapuro Water: This company focuses on manufacturing and supplying high-quality water treatment plants, including WTPs, for industrial and commercial applications. They emphasize cost-effective solutions while maintaining compliance with environmental regulations.
  8. Enviro Engineering Limited: Equipped with experienced engineers and technicians, Enviro Engineering Limited offers customized sewage treatment plant design and construction services. They cater to various industries, ensuring efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment.
  9. Aqua Engineering Limited: This company provides comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions, from design and installation to operation and maintenance. They offer ETP plant tailored to specific industrial requirements, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.
  10. Wastewater Treatment Technologies Limited: Specializing in designing, manufacturing, and installing ETPs, Wastewater Treatment Technologies Limited offers reliable and cost-effective solutions for various industries. They prioritize customer satisfaction and provide comprehensive after-sales support.

A large industrial facility with blue sedimentation tanks and pipes, treating wastewater in Bangladesh.
This wastewater treatment plant in Bangladesh plays a crucial role in cleaning and purifying water before it is returned to the environment.

Choosing the Right Wastewater Treatment Plant Supplier

Selecting the right effluent treatment plant supplier is an essential decision for any industry looking to manage its wastewater effectively. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Experience and expertise: Look for a supplier with a proven track record in designing, manufacturing, and installing WTPs for your specific industry.
  • Technology offered: Ensure the supplier offers wastewater treatment plant equipped with the necessary technologies.

Discover the top 10 companies offering ETPs, wastewater treatment & effluent treatment plant design in Bangladesh. Learn about their expertise & choose the right supplier for your industry.

The ETP Treatment Journey

The journey within an ETP is a fascinating dance of physics, chemistry, and biology. Here’s a glimpse into the key stages:

  • Preliminary Treatment: Here, large solids like debris and grease are removed using screens, grit chambers, and skimming devices. This protects downstream processes from clogging.
  • Primary Treatment: Gravity takes center stage. The wastewater settles, allowing heavier solids to sink and lighter oils and fats to float. Sludge, the settled material, is then removed for further treatment and disposal.
  • Secondary Treatment: Now comes the biological battleground. Microorganisms, either bacteria or activated sludge, are introduced to break down organic pollutants. Imagine an army of tiny warriors biodegrading pollutants, making the water cleaner with each passing moment.
  • Tertiary Treatment: The final polish. Depending on the industry and discharge standards, additional treatment steps like chemical precipitation, membrane filtration, or disinfection with chlorine might be employed. This ensures the treated water meets stringent environmental regulations.

Effluent Treatment Plant layout drawing in Bangladesh
Effluent Treatment Plant layout drawing in Bangladesh

A Brighter Future for Bangladesh’s Waters

The fight for clean water is a continuous one. However, with robust ETPs, innovative technologies, and a collaborative spirit, Bangladesh is well on its way to turning the tide on water pollution. Imagine a future where rivers flow crystal clear, supporting vibrant ecosystems and providing safe water for all. ETPs are the key to unlocking this future, ensuring Bangladesh’s waterways remain a source of life, not pollution.


What are ETPs and why are they important?

ETPs, or Effluent Treatment Plants, treat wastewater from industries before releasing it back into the environment. With rapid industrial growth, these are crucial in Bangladesh to prevent water pollution and ensure clean water.

What factors should I consider when choosing an ETP supplier?

Look for experience in your industry, suitable treatment technologies, capacity to handle your wastewater volume, compliance with regulations, cost, and after-sales services.

Who are some of the top ETP plant suppliers in Bangladesh?

This list includes ETP Plant Bangladesh, Cleantech Engineering, Trust Water Company, GreenEnviro Technologies, and Power Ark Engineering. Each offers diverse expertise and technologies.